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Mill No. 5 is the reawakening of a textile mill from 1873 in Lowell, Massachusetts. Our renovation preserves its historic character and keeps the spirit of imagination, craft and industry alive, relevant and contemporary. We are a partnership of collaborators that is fueled by passion. We participate in each other’s success. We engage our community to create connections. We invite people to step in and explore what is possible. We do this by providing beautiful space, and a supportive community for people with ideas and a passion to bring them to life. Mill No. 5 is an ongoing experiment in building a vital and unique experience for independent businesses, visitors and creatives who are drawn to the variety of opportunities for commerce, culture and community.


Mill No. 5 is indicative of a place that we believe Lowell can become.


Mill No. 5 is the tangible result of a vision to:


  • Provide a place for authentic, personal experiences and for opportunities to simply gather
  • Build/inspire/nurture a community with passion
  • Lead collaborations and shift creative culture towards a sense of being better together
  • Make a destination that is desirable to give people a reason to come and to come back to Lowell
  • Create beauty and wonderment to inspire passion in others


Our Values

  • Choose kindness
  • Create beauty
  • Make a difference
  • Keep a sense of humor
  • Sustainability
  • Be collaborative
  • Be authentic, honest and respectful
  • Be inclusive, value diversity
  • Be happy for the success of others
  • Value the overlooked