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Ben & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

New co-managers of the Luna Theater, Ben Bernardi and Ted Read have created a yin & yang working relationship between their passions and skills. While Ben is busy doing what he loves with scheduling and managing the front of the house so to speak, Ted

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Pieces of the Mill

Each shop and space on the fourth and fifth floors were created separately but were designed to work cohesively together as one overall space. The Mill reflects a certain time period from Lowell’s past and there are hundreds of salvaged parts and pieces throughout. You

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Pop Cultured Doubles Down

Comic fandoms of all genres have a home in Pop Cultured at Mill No. 5. Renee Mallett owns the shop with her husband Mike Misiewicz and together they welcome anyone and everyone to explore and join their community of fans and gamers, which will now

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This thing called Record Store Day…

It is upon us once again. This time, as pandemic restrictions have lifted, the numbers have fallen and concerns have lessened, the powers that be at Record Store Day have mostly pulled back from multiple “drop” dates. The drops were designed at least in part

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Sutra’s Getaway

This past winter Jen Howell, owner of Sutra Studios on the 5th floor of Mill No. 5 led two spiritual retreats for those new to retreating and those with previous retreating experiences. Jen has been leading retreats for the past ten years and while the

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Daniel Loveridge at Curation 250

The latest solo exhibit at Curation 250 on the 5th floor of Mill No. 5 features Plein air painter, artist Daniel Loveridge. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “Pleinair painting in its strictest sense, the practice of painting landscape pictures out-of-doors; more loosely, the achievement of

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Meet Emma the Baker

Emma D’Angelo has been Coffee & Cotton’s Head Baker since Sept 2021 and if you have tasted her creations, you understand why she was given carte blanche to create her edible masterpieces. Emma’s love for food has been ingrained in her very being from a

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History of Mill No. 5 Part 2

This month we bring you Part Two of the history of Mill No. 5 as owner Jim Lichoulas explains his vision for the space and tells us why you will never see traditional advertising for the shops or the events that happen here on a

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VD – Who We Are

By Dave Perry We get phone calls all the time — “Hi, do you…?” Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don’t.  After a little more than eight years when we know ourselves better than ever, perhaps it’s time to offer a Vinyl Destination primer. We

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Welcome to Mill No. 5, Part 1

Mill No. 5 has always been that little tucked away place that is loved by all but known by few – and that is by design. The inspiration and plan for the space was taken from the building itself, Lowell’s history and comparing what works

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Happy Clouds at Curation 250

Frank Casazza, better known as Eyeformation, will be showcasing an exclusive line of Happy Cloud paintings and clothing from November 26 through January 30 at Curation 250. Happy Clouds first appeared in artist Frank Casazza‘s work in the early 2000s. Originally created as background images

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