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June 30, 2022

Can You Find the Ghost in Mill No. 5?

For Mill No. 5, our goal of offering fresh, hot pizza as a quick food option for those working around the Canal/Jackson/Middlesex Streets area has finally become a reality. After the creation of a new culinary vision for the Mill, those working in the city’s new Courthouse and living in the neighboring condos have a delicious reason to come up the elevators during the week. The reward is grabbing a slice of Mill Ghost Pizza freshly made in house that morning.   

So which is your favorite, Cheese or Pepperoni?

The staff at Mill No. 5 morned the loss of UnchARTed and their fresh pizzas and they knew they weren’t alone. Filling that need is the expansion of the menu at and Dows Soda Fountain. There are several old tales of ghosts in the building and because of its history, we can’t discount strange things that happen when alone in the hallways after dark. The name Mill Ghost Pizza just kind of stuck as the name for this new addition to the already diverse listing of good things that Mill No. 5 has to offer. 

Customers can grab a hand made soda to accompany their big slice of pizza for lunch or dinner during the week or weekends. Add a fresh pastry from Emma the Baker to make it a trifecta of local goodness. MGP is available at Dows Soda Fountain during regular hours.

One Comment on “Can You Find the Ghost in Mill No. 5?

Morgan Christopher Bochan
July 14, 2023 at 2:13 pm

A really nice Great cool 😎 relaxing place cool classics at the Luna theater 🎥 and Great coffee ☕ Great pastries Great food delicious and great customer service the workers there are all really nice cool people


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