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Roots and Spoon

This month we are happy to introduce you to Laura Lee, owner of Roots and Spoon, one of the many local vendors that feed our community each Sunday at The Farm Market. Laura is a canning genius and is bringing old fashioned, yet remastered recipes to the plates of the […]

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Old McDonald

The Farm Market takes place every Sunday at Mill No. 5 and is the longest running year-round farmer’s market in the Lowell region. We are also proud to say that TFM was the only Massachusetts farmer’s market that ran continuously during the height of the Covid Pandemic in 2020. This summer […]

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Drew’s Stews

Drew Maggiore, creator and owner of Drew’s Stews, is The Farm Market’s newest bi-weekly vendor. Every other Sunday he sells his all-natural, locally-sourced hot and cold soups, stews, and dips outside at Mill No. 5. Drew’s Stews came out of a midlife career crisis, Drew jokes. In his previous career […]

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Nallie Pastures

This May has been colder than last. This fact might be lost on city dwellers and suburbanites, but it is not lost on Steve Hall of Nallie Pastures. Like all farmers, Steve depends upon the land, and his livelihood–his very survival– is in the hands of Mother Nature. Steve knows […]

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The Farmers and Makers Behind TFM

If you have not yet visited the Farm Market on Sundays, it is time to go! The Farm Market vendors are made up of food and food related products providing staple items to create your weekly meals such as fruit, veggies, bread, meat and eggs and specialty items such as […]

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Urban Farming Goes Medicinal

Red Antler Apothecary is announcing an exciting new project starting this spring: The Apothecary Farm at Mill No. 5. Continuing to be stewards of health, the community and the Earth, the shop will expand into The Urban Farm at Mill No. 5. This will allow the team to expand on […]

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