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What we're all about

Coffee and Cotton is heart of Mill No. 5. We love watching new guests drop their jaws in awe of our cafe. We serve up the best coffee, espresso, and lattes in town. Our baked treats are made in-house. We offer delicious, made to order, locally sourced options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In the evening be sure to check our calendar for live music, game nights, and other fun events with a glass of wine or a local craft beer from our taps!


Wednesday – 10AM until 8PM

Thursday – 10AM until 8PM

Friday – 10AM until 8PM

Saturday – 10AM until 8PM

Sunday – 10AM until 5PM

Closed Monday

Closed Tuesday


At Coffee and Cotton, covid has given us the time to take a step back and think about our values and how to make changes to live up to those standards. Starting this week we have a new 15% fair wage fee at Coffee and Cotton and tipping is no longer necessary. We are raising wages and fixing some of the inequity that is created by the tip laws in Massachusetts.

The laws regarding tips in Massachusetts are designed so servers are paid less than minimum wage and tips are supposed to bring wages up to the minimum amounts. This doesn’t always happen in practice. Also, only servers are eligible for tips creating inequity with back of house and anyone who has any management responsibility. We think establishing fair wages across our entire staff with is a better way to be fair and equitable.

There are other ways that tips are not in line with our values. Research has shown that the practice of tipping makes servers more vulnerable to sexual harassment from customers. Tipping can also be discriminatory in practice as tipping can vary based on race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Thank you to our customers for understanding why these changes are necessary.

Artwork Display in Coffee and Cotton

Would you like to display your original artwork at Coffee and Cotton? We would love to hear from you. 

Artwork Display Agreement

Music Booking

Would you like to perform at Coffee and Cotton? We would like to hear from you. Mill No. 5 offers paid performances at Coffee and Cotton as well as during The Farm Market. 

Coffee and Cotton is located in historic Lowell MA