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March 8, 2022

Daniel Loveridge at Curation 250

The latest solo exhibit at Curation 250 on the 5th floor of Mill No. 5 features Plein air painter, artist Daniel Loveridge.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “Pleinair painting in its strictest sense, the practice of painting landscape pictures out-of-doors; more loosely, the achievement of an intense impression of the open air (French: plein air).” Plein air is most associated with the painting of landscapes in one specific location.
While all of Loveridge’s work is completed on location, in the open air, he is inspired oft inadvertent, but ever-changing street art and visual imagery that gets layered onto the very surfaces of the city. The images create a time capsule that webs throughout the streets, telling its story as it connects neighborhood to neighborhood.

“Doors, ATMs, and ice boxes on the street act as a community forum, giving a voice to local residents and artists. I believe my paintings help document a moment in time, as well as create a bridge from the street to the gallery wall.”

There is a pulse that seems to emerge from Loveridge’s paintings, giving life to the inanimate images that at times scream in the forefront for attention, or whisper in the background, begging to be ignored. Loveridge’s work recognizes both voices, respecting the time it takes for a community’s history to unfold, letting each scene tell him when it is time for the story to be surfaced.

“I like to believe I capture the ephemeral nature of street art and an ever-changing world of graffiti. As the years and seasons pass, walls get buffed, buildings erected or torn down, tags covered, stickers ripped off and new ones added. All the while the culture and movement of a community continues. I try to capture in my work a more conscious reflection of the times, even as time passes before us, ever-changing and unstoppable like the city itself.”

Plein air painter, artist Daniel Loveridge, lives and works in New York, where he trained at Stony Brook University under the tutelage of artist and instructor Chris Semergieff. His paintings are available for viewing until April 10 during Curation 250’s open hours: Sat & Sun 10am-4pm.

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