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January 27, 2021

Shopping Safely

If you have not been to Mill No. 5 since we re-opened in November then we want to let you know that we have been working hard to make our space as safe as we can during this time of Covid 19. The benefit of having a retail space that is operated by local shop keepers is that everyone wants to ensure the safety of not only themselves, but their clients as well. We recently had a conversation with Rachel Chandler from Red Antler Apothecary about the reality of shopping at Mill No. 5.

“The biggest barrier for our customers is accessibility. People are scared that they are going to have to share the elevator with a whole bunch of people, but they are not. We have a staff member at the entrance to help govern people as our policy is one party at a time. Or you can always take the stairs.”

“Sure we have hand sanitizers and signage everywhere, but we as a collective group of shop owners have taken on the responsibility of making sure that the rules are followed and we monitor the environment of not only our own store, but the hallway as well. We are here to remind people to pull their masks up over their noses for example, if we need to. This is different than other, big-box stores. But really, our shoppers are wanting to follow the rules.”

“Each shop has a customer limit and our customers should know that we have a new air filtration system that helps circulate our air and keep it clean.”

“Taking these steps to create a safe environment doesn’t lessen the vibrancy of the space and the experience of the two floors. We may not be able to operate at full capacity but time spent is still enjoyable because of the elements we have instilled.”


One Comment on “Shopping Safely

January 29, 2021 at 2:01 pm

I love shopping at Mill No.5 and Red Antler is my “go to” store. I have ordered on-line during the quarantine period. Glad to hear Mill no.5 will be opening again and taking precautions❤️


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