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April 1, 2021

Under the Sun

This Sunday, April 4th The Farm Market goes outdoors for the spring and the summer. The year round farmer’s market moves from the 5th floor of Mill No. 5, downstairs to Middlesex Street, across from The Urban Farm at Mill No. 5. Governor Baker has deemed Farmers’ Markets essential services and we are pleased that our market has remained open every Sunday since the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year. If you have not yet shopped at The Farm Market, you may be pleased to know that our vendors offer everything you need for the week: eggs, meat, veggies, nuts, microgreens, jams & jellies, and bread. And, a latte from Coffee and Cotton makes shopping a treat. Shop local. Support farmers. Be well.

The Farm Market at Mill No. 5
225 Middlesex Street
Sundays year round from 10am-1pm. Masks required.

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