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December 1, 2021

Happy Clouds at Curation 250

Frank Casazza, better known as Eyeformation, will be showcasing an exclusive line of Happy Cloud paintings and clothing from November 26 through January 30 at Curation 250. Happy Clouds first appeared in artist Frank Casazza‘s work in the early 2000s. Originally created as background images in his early work, they soon commanded their rightful place in the forefront, featured on a variety of works from T-shirts and jewelry, to pillows and murals.

Frank says of his work, “I like to believe I’m painting something
more than just a cloud with a smile on it, but in reality, that’s exactly what
I’m doing.”

This featured body of work by Eyeformation elevates the simplicity and
beauty of primary shapes, using a limited color palette and reduction of
form, to create clarity in a streamlined composition. It is a classic example of
his work, characterized by the use of precise lines covering expansive flat
areas of the canvas with abrupt and arresting color.

“Happy Clouds allows me to create a refined, repetitive, and yet simplistic
image that is still instantly recognizable by every observer — no matter
their age or background.”

In its simplest form, the artist has created an inviting, irresistible way to
project a message of positivity, stating, “The ever-shifting shapes of clouds
allow people to create and carry away their own message. I want my
audience to find themselves floating in color, transported into a happy
dream or an alternate reality where they can find, or create, everything
they’ve ever hoped for.”

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