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October 6, 2021

A Crime in a Madhouse

Mill No.5 will be the host of “A Crime in a Madhouse”, a play not for the faint of heart. Done in the style of the Grand Guignol (gheen-YAHL), “A Crime in a Madhouse” is one of the original scripts used in that famous theater in France at the turn of the century. Known for works that caused audiences to walk out, faint and/or vomit, the Grand Guignol gained international fame. Now resurrected for your sick pleasure, this play (created by one of the fathers of psychology) is designed to stretch your nerves to the breaking point and challenge the contents of your stomach to stay where they are. Not for children, or the faint of heart, this is an event not to be missed by the true lover of Halloween. “On the eve of her release from an insane asylum housed in a convent, young Louise begs to be released without spending one last night there. The doctor will not let her go, insisting that no harm will come to her by spending one last night.” VIP and student seats available. The show is 40 minutes with no intermission. Proof of vaccination required. Tickets available for Oct. 21-23 and 29-30. For more information visit

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