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July 29, 2022

Bonnie “Prince” Billy

On August 17, The Overlook, Mill No.5’s new music and event space on the 5th floor welcomes three trailblazers within the folk/indie music scene. Tickets are available on our website

Bonnie “Prince” Billy (Will Oldham) has been a singer/songwriter/performer since the early ‘90s and has shared the stage with dozens of headliners and up and coming musicians. In the late ‘90s he adopted the name of Bonnie “Prince” Billy and continues to release music under this name. As our collective subconscious understanding of what songs are has shifted, so has their work.  Bill Callahan and Bonny Billy released, ‘virtually’, Blind Date Party, ultimately 20 songs with accompanying visualizations, in an effort to bridge newly revealed distances in space, time and emotion. Matt Sweeney & Bonny Billy’s SUPERWOLVES came out in 2021; this was a group of rock poems. In 2022 there’s been the live singalong cycle Old Hard and Marvelous and the cassette-only hard-dreamcycle release High and High and MIghty, on Ha Ha Institute.

“Footings blend acoustic sounds with electronic elements and straddles that fine line between folk and indie rock. The band produces moody, stark, and downright haunting sounds, all punctuated by the wry lyricism of Eric Gagne.” -Take Magazine. Footings hails from Peterborough NH and Eric and his wife Mary have been the co-organizers of the wildly successful music and art festival, The Thing In The Spring.

The evening opens with Charlie Chronopoulos, a writer/producer from New Hampshire. Charlie has shared the stage with the Doobie Brothers, Cheap Trick and Grand Funk Railroad. In 2021 his album, Chesty Rollin’s Dead End was nominated for Album of the Year from the New England Music Awards.

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