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October 28, 2022

You Spin Me Right Round

Part of Mill No. 5’s mission has always been to support local artists from the Lowell region and beyond, and while A Little Bazaar and The Farm Market events and the shops on both floors have been supporting makers and producers for years, there has been a void for musical artists to showcase their talent within a dedicated concert space. There has been live music in the Hi-Hat and Coffee and Cotton during markets and events and The Luna Sessions will be bringing jazz to the Luna Theater in the future, but a space for larger bands and a larger crowd has always been a dream, until now.

With the opening of The Overlook on the fifth floor we are now able to bring bigger bands to the greater Lowell area in a space that is ever so typically Mill No. 5. With this new space comes the ability to partner with more organizations promoting local music. Enter, Red on Red Records.

The Red on Red Record label was created two years ago by Justine Covault as a way of providing more from a label to local musicians. As a musician herself with two bands (Justine and the Unclean and Justine’s Black Threads) she knows what artists need from a label and is happy to help both new and established musicians showcase their talent well beyond the clubs of Boston.  “The idea sprang from a conversation I had with Lou Mansdorf of the fantastic Rum Bar Records label. He’s been a friend and mentor to me, and he encouraged me to take the energy I have for collaborating with and supporting fellow rock musicians and other creative types and start my own venture….I’m looking now to take everything that I’ve learned, and everything that inspires me, to the next level, with this amazing roster of mutually supportive and collaborative bands.” –

Dan Anklin is the Regional Booking Agent for Red on Red Records and is responsible for booking bands outside of the Boston area. With so many local bands in Boston and so few clubs in which to play, rotating through a limited selection of venues doesn’t allow for bands to play in front of new audiences as often as they would like. Dan has his sights set on New York and beyond as he says the sky’s the limit when it comes to how far he will go geographically to have the label expand the reach of those they represent.

Dan is also responsible for the distribution of music to local record shops which is where he met Dave from Vinyl Destination, on the 4th floor. Dave invited Dan up the center staircase to The Overlook, and he knew right away that it was a fabulous space for live music.

Dan’s passion for music began in 1971 at the age of 11 when he experienced his first concert- James Taylor. He’s always been in front of the stage, but now in this position he will spend some time backstage. Two years ago he told Justine that when he retired he would help her out with the label. Now, retired from his career in IT, he kept his promise and is throwing himself full-time into his passion for live music and supporting local musicians

The label’s first show at Mill No. 5 will be in The Overlook on Saturday, Dec. 3, with the bands Speed Fossil, The Daylilies, Crow Follow, and Lowell’s own RoseR. For more information please log onto our website

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