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October 6, 2021

Vinyl Destination Turns 8!

And now, we are eight.

And so Vinyl Destination comes to our eight-year mark, during October, with at least a couple of pretty cool events happening.

We can’t believe we’re here, actually.

We recall the first tour of the mill, on a frozen February afternoon, before walls were fully built, before businesses were open, and before we knew it, we were in love.

We still are.

We had never planned to open a record store as much as spend far too much money in other wax emporiums. And then, there we were, in the next room, in half the space we have now.

It wasn’t easy, of course – one elevator (and not the big one), no café, no theater, no events, and almost no other businesses. We didn’t know any better so we were fine. And every step of the way, Mill management worked to keep us afloat. We grew a bit, then doubled in size and began to flourish. We found loyal customers.

We survived a pandemic.

At some point in October, look for a few celebratory events.

One takes us off campus, so to speak, to sell records at a Lowell establishment to be named soon. Another takes us beyond our walls to stage our first “blowout” sale in waaaaay too long. Thousands of records of all kinds, in the Hi Hat area outside the store, beginning at $5, prices falling as the weekend rolls on. Dates and times coming soon.

And finally, record hounds and fashionistas alike will have plenty to celebrate on Oct. 23, when the Thread & Groove event returns to the Mill. Dealers from far and wide will haul in crates of vinyl for a day of hunting. (Dealers – a few spaces may be left. Contact

We are looking to make improvements in the coming year.
Thank you for this ride. We’re about to hit the gas.


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October 7, 2021 at 8:29 am

Congratulations Dave



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