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June 30, 2022

Good Vibes Only

Over the next few months, there will be only good vibes at Curation 250, on the fifth floor of Mill No. 5 as a new exhibit, “Vibes” is finally brought to the City of Lowell, rescheduled from 2020. Four artists – all friends, and all originating from the world of graffiti art are collaborating on “Vibes” to create as much art as possible and spread the good vibes.  Adam Brandt (also known as SPEK), Unknown Space, Ichabod and Victor Keys are all artists well known for their specific artistic styles.

But do you know which artist was recently featured in a Showtime Documentary?

SPEK was the tag name of Adam Brandt who painted subway cars, freight trains and parts of the Mass Pike for years in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. His easily recognizable style and color choices were a staple as scenery for years in the Boston area. His current art is a collection of mixed media pieces inspired by the urban landscape and synesthesia. This specific Maze Collection which will be at Curation 250 is “inspired by the connection between music and visuals. It attempts to bridge the gap between music, color, and simplistic yet imperfect geometric patterns.”
Artist Ichabod or Ich is known for his skull and bones graffiti art found on rail freight cars in that same time period throughout Boston and is art has been shown in exhibits around the world. Skull Cliff in Lynnfield MA is a 30-foot quarry rock face filled with hundreds of painted skills created by Ichabod in 2001.  For this show, Ich presents his studio work, diversifying from paint on metal to mixed media and collage as he loves to create with upcycled materials. He hopes to provoke conversations about the beauty of repurposing an object after its initial, often single use, through his work. You would be correct if you guessed that Ichabod was featured in the 2021 documentary Rolling Like Thunder, a Mass Appeal Production, which premiered on Showtime, detailing the lives of serval graffiti artists.
Victor Keys was born and raised across the street from train tracks and has had a lifelong fascination with the modern dinosaurs we call freight trains. It was only natural that he made these metal marvels one of the subjects of his photography. In this collection, he presents you the beauty and intricacies of all things train related from fresh and exciting perspectives.
Unknown Space is an eclectic artist that loves to create with up-cycled materials. Finding a discarded spray paint which he can reinvent brings him true joy! He hopes to provoke conversations about the beauty of repurposing an object after its initial, often single use, through his work.

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